Nur-Sultan is the city of the future Kazakh people! It is the center of culture, science and education. The sky blue national flag symbolizes honesty, loyalty and impeccability. On July 6, Otrar state archaeological preserve-museum in corporation with Otrar Regional Library organized a joint event dedicated to the Capital Day. Within the framework of the event, a book exhibition “Elbasy enseletken Yelorda” was held, prepared by the staff of Otrar regional library, and the librarian Feruza Sikumbayeva presented books about the heights and achievements of the capital. Many people familiar with the exhibition took part in the round table on the theme “The heart of the country is the capital”. When opening a meeting, i.e. Museum Director Zhangeldy Makhashov said: “Nur-Sultan is the golden cradle of independence and prosperity for our people. Today, the capital, ahead of its time, in the morning is a manifestation of the hope and confidence of the whole country. Today, the capital of our country is a pillar of the unity and solidarity of our multinational people, a guarantee of friendship and peace.” Uljalgas Abildakhan, a singer of the Otrar regional Culture House, and Aklima Zhumashov, an employee of the Museum, performed songs dedicated to Astana Day. Poetry teacher of the music school Gaukhar Zhupaliyeva and her students Bazarbai Shamshat, Vrjesh Angelika and Akniet Zhupaliyeva read poetry. At the end of the event, a number of museum employees were awarded.