The opening of an exhibition on the theme “El karuy-bes karu”took place in the Visit Center of the Otrar State Archaeological Reserve – Museum. The purpose of the exhibition, equipped with a collection of military weapons of the early Middle Ages and the XX century from the funds of the Otrar Museum-Reserve, is to promote the unique art of our ancestors and the steppe civilization, which for many centuries developed the production of metals, contributed to their accelerated technological progress.

Opening the exhibition, Deputy Director for scientific Work of the Otyrar Museum-Reserve Serik Akylbek noted that under the words ” men’s weapons – five weapons” one can see that nomadic peoples have their own system of systematization of military weapons, which is aimed at developing patriotic feelings in every citizen who visited the exhibition, through a comprehensive understanding of national history.

Kazakh legends often mention five types of weapons used by batyrs representing the military community. Kazakhs have a wisdom: “men’s weapons are five types of weapons.” Grouping weapons into five types depends on their properties. Each weapon that deals a crushing blow to the enemy has its own unique properties. According to these properties, men’s weapons are divided into five types: firearms, cutting, chopping, pin and percussion.

At the presentation of the exhibition, the latest data on the military structure of the nomadic population were presented, about the weapons used by the soldiers at that time, records were made about military equipment of a very early time, which indicates its current vision.

The exhibition “men’s weapons – five types of weapons” will be presented to the general public for 1 month.