A deputy of the Parliament of RK, a member of the faction of «Nur Otan» party Mynbay Darkhan Kambebykuly visited the Otrar region.

The deputy met with cultural figures at the Visit Center of Otrar Museum-preserve. Addressing cultural figures, Darkhan Kamzabekuly noted: “In recent years, museums have been given special attention in independent Kazakhstan.

The museum is a sacred place that expands knowledge, fills the mind and awakens the soul. Every person must first visit the museum to see antiquity, history, with their own eyes. This is why museum staff and other specialists should be experts in their field. If they love their activities and make them selfless and responsible, others will respect them.

«I have special respect for museum workers, but almost no one in our country has studied abroad under the program «Bolashak», he said, that salaries of cultural workers are lower than in other branches. The staff of the district House of Culture, the library and the museum staff asked the deputy questions and received answers.

After the meeting, the deputy was introduced to the exhibition hall of the Tourist Centre and went to Otrar. He reviewed the archaeological work carried out in Otrra this year and the scientific restoration work carried out under a three-year project.