In front of “Sapar Tourist Center” of Otrar State Archaeological Preserve Museum, a monument was installed devoted to Abu Nasir al-Farabi, a medieval thinker, encyclopedic scientist, one of the leaders of the Eastern Renaissance, who left a significant mark on world science and culture. Information about the life of al-Farabi proves that the great thinker and great politician, physicist, astronomer, talented mathematician, great philologist and musician was born and raised in the ancient Kazakh city of Otrar. It is known that in the Middle Ages this city was named as Farab. According to historical data, the city is located at the confluence of the Arys and Syrdaria rivers, on the site of modern Otrar. Today, a monument to the great sage is erected in his hometown, and previous year, in honor of the 1150th anniversary of our ancestor, an exhibition hall was opened in Otrar museum. As Zhakypbek Altayev noted, “The spiritual world of the great philosopher Abu Nasir al-Farabi is the pinnacle of human civilization and spiritual values.” Return to the works of the great Al-Farabi, who took his place in world civilization, to get to know, to use in the interests of the nation is an inexhaustible spiritual treasure, priceless spiritual value.