We all know that the strengthening of Kazakhstan’s statehood is due to the reasonable policy of the First President. On November 23, 2021, the Leader of the Nation Nursultan Nazarbayev proclaimed the set of principles “Seven Pedestals of the Country”. The message addressed to the younger generation is imbued with a deep understanding that it is associated with the legacy left from our ancestors, and is skillfully presented with concrete evidence. He stressed that the preservation of independence, which turns 30 years, is our main value, and noted that only in the conditions of an independent state, an independent nation, each Kazakh dream can be achieved. Of course, independence is a Great Victory that came with the strength, the edge of the white spear of our ancestors. An invaluable legacy of our ancestors left to us and the future young generation. To keep this mandate like the apple of an eye is the main duty of every citizen. In the fifth principle, First President N. Nazarbayev emphasized that “along with material values, spiritual wealth is important for entering the thirty civilized countries.” The preservation, protection and modernization of national values have become a public policy priority. It is necessary to educate the younger generation, preserving the continuity of national and universal human values, spiritual and cultural heritage.

Our people have a proverb: “The strong will defeat one, the literate one thousand.” In the sixth principle, Elbasy called on the youth of the country to receive a decent education and follow the path of science, we are equal to countries with higher education, a high culture. The importance of historically significant principles gives spiritual impetus not only to young people, but also to the entire Kazakh people.