In order to promote the achievements of the museum industry on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of independence, a scientific and practical seminar was organized on the topic: “Study of monuments of Otrar region during the years of independence.” Head of the Archaeology Research Department Sabit Turlybekovich, who introduced the participants to the event, gave a word to Serik Shaimerdenovich, Deputy for Scientific Work of Otrar state archaeological -museum preserve, to open the seminar

By opening the event, which was attended by archaeologists, university professors, museum staff, Serik Shaimerdenuly briefly discussed the history of the study of monuments, including archaeological research conducted in the city of Otrar, and wished success in the seminar. The next was the Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Mukhtar Bahadurovich Kozha, who occupies a special place in the study of the history of the region, collected, summarized, studied and introduced into scientific circulation many historical data, spoke about the scientific works of archaeologists who excavated in the Otrar settlement, and also focused on archaeological research with the participation of museum employees. Within the framework of the event, reports were heard by Tashbaev Zhumabek Kumisbaevich, Head of the Department for the Protection of Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Ordabasy National Historical and Cultural Reserve: “Burial mounds located on Mount Ordabasy,” a researcher at the museum “Ruhaniyat Abu Nasr Al-Farabi” Abzhappar Zhanbolat Oralbaevich on the topic: “Study of literary monuments in the Otrar Valley,” researcher at the Archaeology Research Department of the State Archaeological Reserve-Museum Otyrar Nurlan Orynbasarovich on the topic: “The Past and Present of Otrar,” presented works carried out in the field of studying the history of the region. Summing up the results of the seminar, the scientific consultant of the museum, veteran teacher Nurtaza Orynkhanovich expressed gratitude for the fact that at today’s event were presented the achievements of not only one museum, but also other museum workers who took part in this event.