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    Welcome to the official website of the Otrar State Archaeological Museum-Reserve!

    The official website of our institution introduces you to the activities of the museum-reserve, with the directions of work of employees working in this field, to promote the Otrar region.
    As the head of state N. A. Nazarbayev noted “Uly Otyrar is the golden core of the Kazakh civilization”, the mausoleum of Arystanbab Aulie, an ancient city with deep historical roots, who is the teacher of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, is one of the masterpieces of our people and the spiritual values of the nation.
    The birthplace of the great thinker of the East, Abu Nasr al-Farabi, is a region with a multi-thousand-year history, rich in historical and cultural monuments that embody the greatness of our nation.
    There is an opportunity to develop educational trips to the historical and cultural heritage of Turkestan and Otrar. One of the key issues is the development of tourism with the development of a new regional center – Turkestan. Today, the region focuses on creating comfortable conditions for tourists through the route “Otrartobe-Arystanbab-Turkestan”.
    Elbasy of the state n.Nazarbayev noted in the article “seven facets of the Great Steppe”: “a tourist project will also be interesting, which will partially restore a number of objects of the ancient city of Otrar – houses and streets, public places, water supply, walls of the city fortress and much more. On this basis, special attention should be paid to the popularization of knowledge and the development of tourism, ” he said.
    The Otyrar State Archaeological Reserve-Museum has been working fruitfully for 40 years, contributing to the development of our culture and the prosperity of our state in order to convey the memory of our ancestors to the younger generation.
    Check out our website aimed at publishing convincing discoveries aimed at reviving and comprehensive scientific research of the most important historical, cultural and architectural monuments of the country, as well as evaluating new views and judgments on issues of archeology, ethnography, history!
    I believe that innovation enriches the history of the country, contributes to the development of our civilization.