Eraly Shoqi

Head of the Department

8 (72544) 2-11-50

Activity of the department: carries out storage, accounting and research work of exhibits from the museum’s funds
The Otyrar State Archaeological Reserve-Museum was established in 1979 by the decision of the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR No. 219-r on the basis of the protection and preservation of historical and cultural monuments in the Otrar oasis. The history of the modern department of the storage facility, which conducts work on the storage and accounting of museum valuables, which are the main task of the museum, even earlier than the history of the museum.
There is reason to believe that it begins in the school museum, which was opened in 1967 by a local historian-teacher Asantai Alimov. Under the leadership of A. Alimov, schoolchildren, traveling around the country, collected more than 600 exhibits. Thanks to A. Alimov’s proposal to open a museum in the district, since the exhibits are incompatible with the school museum, the district museum of local lore was opened in 1975 as a branch of the regional museum of local lore in the then Kyzylkum district center of Schauelder.