The next meeting was organized by the project office «Adaldyk alany» in Otrar statea preserve-museum. Opening the meeting, the chairman of the project office «Adaldyk alany» Akylbek Serik Shaimerdenovich noted that corruption, which has long been known to mankind, is one of the most dangerous diseases, which grows with time, withstands all possible countermeasures, takes root where there’s a lot of money, and it’s not eradicated yet. It is no secret that corruption today is one of the most serious problems in our society. Many measures are being taken to combat this type of crime in society. Director of the Youth Center of the Otrar region, the head of the project office “Adaldyk alany” of the Otrar region, Azamat Alimbaevich Dosanov presented a report on the topic “National and cultural values against corruption”. The set of anti-corruption methods used by each state is unique, it depends not only on the political and economic stability of the country, but also on customs and traditions, religious identity and the level of legal culture and location, population and density of residence. The meeting participants asked the speaker a number of questions and expressed their opinion.