Sabit Parmenkul

Head of the Department

8 (72544) 2-11-50

Activities of the department: participates in the ongoing archaeological excavations of objects of historical and cultural heritage located in Otyrar and other regions. It also conducts work on replenishing scientific documents of objects of historical and cultural heritage.
The Department of archaeology was established in 2014. Conducts archaeological research of historical and cultural monuments located in the Otrar region and monitors the restoration and reconstruction of monuments.
In connection with the specifics of the location of the historical object, it conducts an examination of the identified historical and cultural monument, organizes events to determine the status of the monument; determines the protected area of monuments, works on filling out a scientific passport and accounting card; participates in programs and projects of international and national levels, organizes expeditions and exhibitions, publishes joint scientific papers, participates in scientific conferences and seminars organized internationally and in the Republic; In order to replenish the museum’s fund, he organizes expeditions and collects exhibits;